Squad 2 insignia.

Squad 2 is the second division in the Gotei 13.

Squad 2 also heads the Omnitsukido, or Stealth Force.


Leave all join requests on Shadewing's talk page please. All seated positions and captain positions are on a first come, first serve basis.

Special DutiesEdit

Squad 2 specializies in stealth operations. In addition to leading the squad, the Squad 2 Captain also leads the Stealth Force, which consists of the Confinement force and the Maggot's Nest.


Captain: Kazune Kujomaru

Lieutenant: None currently

Seated Officers:

3rd: None currently

4th: None currently

5th: None currently

6th: None currently

7th: None currently

8th: None currently

10th: None currently

Roleplay SectionEdit

Please sign all posts with 4 ~'s, and add a line after you post please.

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